JD Tools LLC is the premier automated machine bending builders

What We Do

Automated Tube Bender

25+ Years of Experience

JD Tools, LLC is a Longwood, Florida based company whose mission is to be our client’s first choice for a quick response, quality-manufacturing that provides the most combined value-per dollar to our customers. The company is directed by John Deac. He brings with him his European training and 25 years of tooling experience.

Area of Expertise

  • Power Benders – Electric PLC / Air Logic
  • Hand Benders
  • End Formers (1-4 Stroke)
  • Bead Lock
  • Universal Valve Installer
  • Double Head End Formers for Special Detail
  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic
  • Crimp Presses (8-30 ton w/wo mandrel extractor)
  • Leak Testers (under water/helium/pressure decay)
  • Orbiter Fixtures
  • Bracket Fixtures for hose assemblies
  • Engineering Changes to Existing Equipment
  • Drill to Drill Tube
  • Tube Notcher/Pierce
  • Hose Cutter
  • Torque Machine – pneumatic/electric